Greentown Developments is more than just the homes and communities we develop. It’s a philosophy of enlightened living – one that is deeply rooted in our organization since the very beginning. It shapes our decisions about how each community is designed and developed, but more importantly how we will live within them. Our passion is to create life-styled communities and better spaces to live.


Every day, we ask ourselves, “How can this neighbourhood contribute our sense of purpose and overall well-being?” We believe that wherever we choose to live correlates with quality of life. At Greentown Developments, we focus on more than just the properties and parklands we develop. Our decisions are driven by how each community will positively impact those who live within them, and how they can contribute to a better way of life.


At Greentown Developments, we put people first in our design process and are passionately inspired to create homes that suit the way we live. Our homes are purpose-built with living spaces that engage and promote a holistic quality of life. From open concept kitchens and intentionally-designed gathering places, to hotel-inspired ensuites and master bedroom layouts, Greentown Developments delivers better life-centric spaces that improve our daily lives.



At Greentown Developments, we practice smart development. We aim to create communities that are within walking distance of transit, schools, community centres, and local services to lessen the impact of the automobile on the landscape. We are committed to taking leadership role within our developments to deliver ecologically-mindful urban design principles, such as siting homes to capture natural sunlight, community tree preservation, and continuous improvement through technology.